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Reign Incorporated is a newly incorporated collaboration of CCR Books and Warren and Warren Entertainment. We officially incorporated on July 7th with the intention:


a). to own, manage and operate a business for marketing and promotions of books, tapes, compact discs, digital video discs and all types of performance and entertainment.

b). to engage in any other lawful acts or activities for which a corporation may be organized under Chapter 55 of the General Statutes of North Carolina.

• Talent Development and Representation

• Media Production

• Retail Development, Design and Sales

• Creative Writing and Publishing


Reign Incorporated’s Talent Representation Division includes developing the innate abilities of our clients.  We are committed to securing opportunities that showcase the distinguishable gifts as well as the eclipsed talents of the complete individual.

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Reign Incorporated’s Media Production Division is a one-stop shop. We are equipped with the resources to write, direct, film and produce your projects.  We also offer tailored packages that are inclusive of photography, videography, directing and producing.

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Reign Incorporated’s Retail Development Division analyzes and interprets market trends to identify, design, and implement market-driven strategies to develop new and/or revised products and services.

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Reign Incorporated’s Literary Expressions’ Division oversees the selection, production, and marketing processes involved with distributing new literary expressions in all forms (written and verbal).

 Reign Incorporated’s business module includes a personalized marketing plan that includes opportunities for each literary producer to showcase their literary expressions.

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