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Although entrepreneur Norma Warren received her undergraduate degree in accounting, her graduate degree in business administration and spent the last twenty-five years in the accounting field, she has finally came to the conclusion that her formal education and experience has only prepared her to take a giant leap into the arms of self-employment and embrace her true passion of public relations and marketing.

Inspired by the belief that “to whom much is given, much is required”, Norma has given tirelessly and selflessly to her community for more than twenty years. She has built a legacy of servitude that transcends numerous boundaries. Through her affiliation with the Jackie Robinson Baseball League, she recognized the untapped potential of many of the community’s under served youth and decided to become a catalyst for change in the West and South Greenville communities. The spark for change ignited a fire in

Norma that allows others to bask in the warmth of knowing there is someone in the community that validates their positions and advocates for their children. Norma’s numerous service projects have led her to coordinate Greenville’s very own Legends’ Ball in 2007 and serve on numerous Civic Boards and Committees. Over the last twenty years, Norma has promoted the efforts of many organizations and individuals and decided to establish Warren and Warren Entertainment as a resource for others to use when needing to know how to self-promote their own endeavors.

In October of 2013, Warren and Warren Entertainment began to promote Cheryl Cloyd Robbins, author of the “One Night Stand” series of books, Deliver Us From Evil and Forgive Us Our Trespasses. In August of 2014, Warren and Warren Entertainment and CCRBooks incorporated under the Reign Incorporated umbrella and will be releasing their first production, Forbidden Fruits, a sensual soap opera, in January 2015.

Additionally their first publication will be a children’s book entitled Imani Hates the School Bus which will be released in December 2014. Imani is the first of the “You Can Be Your Own Hero” series designed to help kids find their voice.

Norma and her husband, Randy, are proud to call Pitt County, NC their home.

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Through spell binding prose and expert storytelling Cheryl, author and co-owner of Reign Incorporated, invites you to the imaginary world of Eden City, a place where love is dangerous, and all the fruit is tempting.  Forbidden Fruits began as a literary soap opera posted daily online at Popularity grew so quickly that within a year of its initial launch, the soap opera is being produced and will be available on internet television in January 2015.

In addition to Forbidden Fruits, Cheryl is the author of two adult fiction books, Deliver Us from Evil and Forgive Us Our Trespasses. A unique hallmark of Cheryl’s writing is the use of the novella, rather than the novel format.  Cheryl understands that her reader’s lead busy lives and many don’t have the time to dedicate to long novels.  To ensure that busy professionals of today aren’t cheated out of a quality reading experience she developed her One Night Stand series of novellas, which includes both of her current titles.  These novels offer readers pure entertainment, strong character development, and exciting plot twists without requiring the reader to reschedule their current commitments.  It’s the best of both worlds for Cheryl’s readers as they are able to enjoy quality writing that fits into their busy schedules.  Many of her readers comment that the books were so captivating that they finished it in one night yet didn’t feel cheated out of a complete and well-conceived story.

Cheryl’s passion for writing was born in high school when her beloved grandfather passed away.  The pain of her loss eased as she penned a short story in his honor entitled Going Home.  All through high school and college, Cheryl continued to write poetry, and short stories, which she shared with only her closest friends.

In August 2014, Cheryl and her business partner, Norma Warren formed Reign Incorporated. Forbidden Fruits will be the first production released by Reign in January 2015. Additionally their first publication will be a children’s book entitled Imani Hates the School Bus and will be released December 2014. Imani is the first of the “You Can Be Your Own Hero” series designed to help kids find their voice.

Cheryl currently lives in Greenville, NC with her husband Randy and two children.

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